Nathan wandered through his life, haunted by the hollowness that surrounded him. One day, amidst the sea of plastic, Nathan’s gaze fell upon a woman named Melisa. Melisa possessed a radiance that outshines the superficiality of this world. As Nathan observed Melisa, he noticed the cracks in her relationship with a man named David. Their relationship, once vibrant, now dehydrated under the weight of unspoken words and unaddressed issues. As Nathan and Melisa grew closer, he enjoyed the moments of connection they shared. Nathan knew the foundation of their relationship was built on deception, and it ate away his conscience. He realized that his pursuit of Melisa had been an escape, a desperate attempt to find comfort in the midst of this fake plastic world. As Nathan faced the consequences of his actions, he vowed to confront the fakeness that filled his life. He recognized that true fulfillment could not be found in deception or in trying to be what others desired. Instead, he embarked on a journey to rediscover his own truth, to live authentically, and to seek genuine connections untainted by the plasticity of this world.

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 Kepengarangan : 

– Penulis :

Muh. Tasrin, S.Pd.

– Editor :

Abdul Rais Thamrin, M.Ed

– Penyunting : DJ. Saputri Nur

– Desain & Layout : Ramita Aprillia, A.Md.Ds  &  Dyah Juliani Saputri Nur, A.Md.Ds

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